This afternoon all four of us were in the office listening to music and hanging out.  Julia was on Jeremy's lap and Riley was standing next to him.  I was at the laptop.

The next thing we know Riley has gone very suddenly from standing to being slumped down to the ground with her head near the desk and laying on Jeremy's leg.  Jeremy asked her "Riley, what are you doing?"  I hopped out of my chair fast and had a feeling she had fainted as she normally doesn't just sink to the ground so strange with her in such a weird angle.

Jeremy pushed Julia off his lap and I took her back a little ways.  Jeremy took Riley's head in his hands as she glazed really oddly out into space.  He rested her back to lay her down and she came out of it.  She looked very much as though she had no idea what had happened.

Julia started crying because her belly had been bumped against the chair.  Riley blinked and was very out of it.  She stood up and seemed ok.  We all walked into the living room to let Riley lay down on the couch.  She was a little sweaty and said she hit her hip on the desk.  This did happen, but she didn't remember falling to the ground and hitting her hip as she went down.

She ate cinnamon toast and had some water while laying down for a while.  We talked through it all.  She was hot; she was hungry; she had been standing in one place for a while.  She said she felt dizzy and then saw lots of colored spots.

Sure enough - she had fainted.

We thought through the day and realized she had a hot dog and mac and cheese for lunch; one pop tart for breakfast.  And that was about it.  Not really sure how much water she had.  It was very strange and scary.

We watched her carefully the rest of the night and asked her a million times how she was feeling.  She thought this was silly how many times we asked, but we were very much concerned.  It scared us badly.

The four of us went out to a Father's Day dinner at Carrabba's at 4pm.  We had a wonderful time as a family.  Then went to Walmart to get groceries for the week.

As we drove home, Riley said really sweetly "I like our family.  We are funny, fun and dramatic.  We are quiet sometimes when we color and sometimes we are loud."

She was fine the rest of the night and we watched her closely.


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