Julia's First Dance Recital

Yesterday Julia performed in her first dance recital.  She takes at Sheena's Dance Academy in Frisco. We're fortunate that the teacher comes to her daycare during part of their play time once a week.  Makes for an easy way for her to take dance!

Her mommy wrote down the wrong date for the dance rehearsal and we missed it completely.  My friend wrote to ask what time Julia's group performs and we had the same performance time.  She mentioned the dress rehearsal that night and I looked at the paperwork again to notice we had missed it.

We weren't sure how Julia would respond as she's never been on a large high school auditorium stage with bright lights and tons of people watching.  She also refused to put on her tights or to even try on her dance costume.  We took a lot on faith and thankfully it all worked out.  Her tights and costume fit absolutely perfectly despite them being very itchy.

Julia didn't want to take a shower before the recital, but I bribed her by telling her that I could put makeup on her after the shower.  That was all it took!  Julia gasped "Lipstick??!!"  I smiled and said yes and sure enough - she was ready to go!

We put her hair up in a tight ponytail, added pink eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.  She loved it.

I was able to get her new tights on.  Dancers don't wear panties and Julia thought this was hilarious.  She kept saying "Dis is very weird!  I have no panties on!  So silly."  She kept laughing about it.

Once we got to Heritage High School, Julia had to be fully dressed before going to her room.  I took her into the bathroom and tried to get her costume on.  She kept saying how itchy it was and how she didn't want to wear it.  I tried my best to keep her calm and to stay calm myself.  I could hear other moms laughing at the sink area.  Finally we got it up, but the straps were being pulled off so I opened the door knowing she wouldn't want others to see her belly.  She pulled the costume on and out we went.

The moms reassured me "We have been there!  It gets better!"

Julia sat on my lap to watch the first dancing number and then was able to go back to get ready for her performance.  She loved to watch the other dancers and kept smiling huge.

There was a man wearing a pink tutu at the dressing room drop-off area.  Julia giggled and went no problem to the man with the tutu (whom she named Tutu Man).

I was nervous for her because she'd never done it before.  A few acts before she went on a girl stood and cried the entire dance.  I was hoping that Julia would be ok.

When the lights came on for her dance - called Goodness Gracious - she covered her eyes and mouth for a second.  We couldn't tell if she was crying or not.  Then we noticed she was laughing really hard.  She leaned forward to see her friend at the end of the row and waved to her friend.  Then continued dancing and performed the whole thing!!  She did little points and turned around and smiled.  Riley turned to Grandpa and said "Look!  Julia looks so cute!"  We were all so proud!

I went back to pick up Julia after her dance and she sat on my lap through the remainder of the show. She grew hungry and ate some animal crackers.  Then got very heavy on my lap and turned toward my chest.  Fell fast asleep.  Looked like a complete angel with her hands together next to her cheek and sitting in her fancy little costume.  She slept through half the program on my lap.  Was very precious.


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