Orff Level II - Week One

My mind, heart and body are so full right now.  Tons of new ideas and ways of thinking through music.  I can't wait to try so many things with my kids!

A few great take-aways that I'm afraid I'll forget:

1.  Don't play in the clouds and don't play in the mud (mallet technique).  Keeps kids from pounding down on bars and from lifting mallets too high away from bars.

2.  When students are asked to find a partner, the answer for when a student asks them to be their partner is ALWAYS "yes."  There is no other answer.  Students can not turn away from students that are walking toward them.  Build community.

3.  Simplify the melody when teaching.  Students don't have to learn the entire melody as it is written.  Take the melody and only teach the outline of it (all of the notes that land on each beat (1-2-3-4) and eliminate the eighth note pairs or more challenging rhythm patterns.  Add on after the outline has been taught.  So much easier for students!

4.  Create a spreadsheet of what dances and music are used for which grades.

Highway No. 1 - Kindergarten - Shenanigans cd - Children's Dances of Terra del Zur
Shoemaker's Dance - Kindergarten - Shenanigans - Dance Music for Children Level 1

Sasha - Second Grade - New England Dance Masters cd - Sashay the donut
Slow G (Kings and Queens) - Second Grade - New England Dance Masters - Sashay the donut

5.  Take risks!
Write a new melody.  Create lyrics - watch scansion!

6.  Use the volumes
Something I didn't do last year and I'm feeling so much more ready to take the pieces from the four volumes that I own and perform the pieces with my students.  Choosing one per grade to start the year with!


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