Halloween Party

We were invited to a family night out at our friend's church.  They are the most amazing and sweet family.  I get to teach two of their daughters as well as teach them piano every week as well.  Just great people.

At gymnastics today we invited Riley's friend Peyton to come with us since her mom was finishing remodeling their bathroom.  Peyton dressed as a witch, Riley dressed as a cat and Julia was a garden fairy. They looked cute and were so happy to be together.

The girls had a blast!  They played several games and got some cute little prizes.  They also participated in the cake walk where they got a cupcake if they won.  We were all hungry, but Julia wouldn't stop playing until she got a cupcake.  I finally went up to the lady running it and asked if she would please call whatever color Julia was standing on as she wouldn't leave and we all needed to eat.  She just laughed and called her color next - thank you!!

We got in line to eat.  Riley pulled a spoon out of the cup container and knocked all the spoons all over the ground.  We picked them up.  Riley tried putting the spoons all back in and it wasn't working well.  Jeremy went to get hot dog buns and Julia decided to start grabbing hot dogs.  She licked one of the hot dogs and set it back in with all the other hot dogs.  I quickly grabbed that hot dog and set it on our plates so we could eat it.  She then went inside the hot dog bags and started grabbing buns.  Our friend Karen was laughing hard and saying "You guys are awesome!  Hilarious!"  We were all cracking up.

We had a great cookout dinner with friends and then had Trunk or Treat in the parking lot.  The girls were so excited to get candy.  We've never done a trunk or treat before.  It is truly like a sprint trick or treat.  You get candy so fast and so much of it so quickly.

Julia was laughing so hard as we went and kept saying "I got YOTS (lots) of candy!!!" and "Yots and Yots of candy!"  and "I got SO MANY CANDY!!!!!"  "Dis is so fun!!!"

Riley's bucket actually broke near the handle from the weight of all her candy.  One guy gave Julia at least three handfuls of candy.  Just kept giving her more and more.  Her bucket was practically overflowing.  They were giggling so much because they couldn't believe how much candy they had.

The girls talked about how much fun they had when we got in the car.  It was such a great night out as a family.  Such a great time with friends and with each other.  Love these times.


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