Ethridge Fun Run 2013

This was the second year that Riley and I got to do the Fun Run together.  One of my all-time favorite days of the year!!

We walked down to the lake together with her friends and classmates.  This year teachers were allowed to run with students which made it really fun!!  I ran with Riley and many other students.  Riley just kept going and going and going.  One kindergartner challenged me to a race.  Sad to say, they beat me!  Holy Cow!!  The boy was so incredibly fast.  I seriously could not beat him and I was running as fast as I possibly could.  It was a blast.

Riley and her good friend Christopher

Riley ran a mile and a half with practically no stopping except for water breaks two times.  The courses were 3/4/5 grades on one course and K/1/2 on the other.  I did run with the older kids one time and their course was so much shorter than the other one which was interesting.  The little kids were working quite hard to get their laps on the longer course.

I found that the kids would see me jog past them and they'd say "Hi Mrs. Grant!!" and then start running too.  They definitely didn't want to be shown up by a teacher.  Many of the younger kids wanted to hold my hand and I'd run with them and cheer them on.

Riley saw that a boy was having trouble tying his shoes so she stopped and helped him tie his shoes before continuing to run.  She also tried to encourage kids to keep going.

It was an absolutely beautiful day!


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