Haley's Party

Riley went to her friend Haley's birthday party today.  It was quite the treat.  We met at the entrance to the trails on Lake Lewisville near her school where we had the Fun Run.  They took a hayride to the party that was at the lake.  Haley's parents had rented a few tables and small tents as well as a petting zoo.

There were several kinds of animals including a horse with sparkles and a painted purple tail and mane (though HE was a male).  The trainer said that boys like purple too and the girls stopped asking why he wanted to be purple.

Riley was able to ride the horse a few times, play games, swing on the swings and play out in the field with her friends.  She had a great time!

Julia has her friend Arianna's party the first week of November and was all ready today to go to her friend's party too.  She was quite sad that she didn't get to go today and kept asking when Arianna's party was going to be.


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