Halloween 2013

This year the girls found some great costumes to wear for Halloween.  Riley really wanted to be a cat so we got her a cute ear headband, bowtie and cat tail.  She was happy as could be!  Julia wanted to be a fairy so she found a purple and green fairy costume that she liked.

The girls got all dressed up and ready to go.  My dad and Jeremy passed out the candy while my mom and I took the girls out trick or treating in the neighborhood.  They were so happy and very energetic.  Riley practically ran from house to house.  She was bummed to be told to slow down and stay with us for safety reasons, but she did the best she could to not run.  Just speed walking.

At one home, the lights looked a little darker and there were scary decorations.  Riley turned to Julia and said "Jules, you knock on the door.  It's freaky."  So Julia said "Ok!" and went right up and knocked.  This happened at about 2 or 3 homes and each time Julia had no fear.

Turns out Julia doesn't fear much at all.  There was a werewolf teenager (or adult) who came by Julia and waved.  Julia started laughing and gave him a high five.  She then said "He's a cat like Riley!"  There was also an adult/teenager in a dog costume that she found hysterical.

The girls brought home their candy from the streets we had gone down and we got Julia a stroller as she was tired of walking.  We finished up the rest of the streets in the neighborhood with Julia sitting in the stroller while Riley walked up to the homes with two buckets for candy.  Every home she went to, they said "Two buckets?!" and proceeded to give her candy anyway in both of them.  Lesson learned: give each child two buckets and they may be asked why they have two buckets, but even with no answer, they will be given twice as much candy.  Ha!  (and no, I don't really plan to do that... or do I?!  heehee)

Buckets were dumped out and the girls were very excited about all of the candy they were able to bring home.  Each one had a piece before bedtime and will have plenty more in the days to come I'm sure.


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