Yoo hoo Anybody there?

Just got a message from my Dad#2 asking for the blog address.  Then realized it has been a little while since I wrote anything.  Apparently it has been almost a month.  Um.  Wow.  Didn't realize we'd been busy enough, but have known that life has been quite non-stop.

Our schedule is full this year more than it has ever been, but for good reason.  I am teaching sixteen piano students.  Yup.  Sixteen.  We have a credit line that we're tired of paying every month and the only way to get it done is to put in hard work up front.  So thankful to have the opportunity to teach these students and to have time with such amazing kids.  Also thankful that as a result of putting in lots of extra hours, we are finally making some headway into the loan (which came from appliances, roof, water heater, fence, hvac, duct work).  If things continue as they are, it will be paid off within two years.  Our goal is that it will be done by January 1, 2015.  It's great to have this goal and even greater to see it coming to fruition as each month passes.

As a result of teaching so much, I have my teaching job M-F until 3pm.  Leave at 3:30 on Tues. and Thurs.  Get home with about ten minutes to spare and teach piano lessons from 4 - 7:30 on Tuesdays and 4-7pm on Thursdays.  As well as a few hours on Saturday mornings.  Makes for long days, but I do enjoy it.  Has meant that I go to bed when the girls go to bed and explains why I haven't written as I'm only awake to work.

On Mondays I have 77 choir students after school.  They are sounding amazing!!  Wednesdays we have meetings.  Fridays I stay until 5pm to get work done as our schedule has changed at work.  We now have morning and afternoon duty every day as well as longer class periods which result in not having time to get everything done during the day.  It just means using time even more wisely and thankfully I'm organized so that has helped.  Plus Riley loves the time with me on Fridays after school despite the fact that I'm working and she is reading or doing art.  She said it's just nice to hang out with me and listen to music and be together.

Jeremy is working hard at his job and just started Wednesday night classes with CJ and Karen at SMU.  I see him for about five minutes every day to say "See you in a decade!"  And of course to say "Love you!" before crashing into bed and sleeping until 6am.

Riley is doing gymnastics at Sky High still and absolutely thriving.  She has come incredibly far in the last six months.  It's hard to believe she has only been doing it six months.  She has gained so much confidence and made new friends at the gym.  She is really quite amazing.  She also started doing piano lessons every week on Saturday morning (she is student number 17 if she's included on the list of lessons).  She's started learning notes C,D,and E.  She's very excited to be in the piano recital in December.

We started going to Saturday night services at church and she made a great new friend at church.  They had a playdate last week and are both excited to have another one soon.  She is having a wonderful year in First Grade and thriving there as well.  We went out and got her several more books tonight because she's reading them so fast.  Books like Judy Moody, Amelia Bedelia (the new series), Magic Treehouse, and several others.  She reads constantly when she's not standing on her head in the living room. :)

Julia isn't liking school as much as Riley.  She loves to be home snuggling on the couch reading books or doing puzzles.  Still looking for some new puzzles for her as they are either 12 pieces or 1000 pieces and she does 24-60 piece puzzles.  She's really smart at them and loves to do repeat them over and over.  Julia is taking tap and ballet as well as doing a gym class at her school called Stretch and Grow.  She gets really excited when they call her name because it means she gets to go to the class!  She has learned her numbers to 10 and is working on her letters.  Haven't seen much of her schoolwork until tonight when her folder came home loaded with work she has done.  So glad to see her learning!

Julia also loves to 'play' the piano and always wants a lesson after Riley has hers.  So we review black keys, white keys, loud, soft, and some fun songs together.

In the past month, we've just tried our best to keep our heads up and pushing forward.  And to make sure that sleep is more important than staying up late to watch a movie or tv show.  Speaking of which, I haven't seen any of those in a long, long time.  Unless Babar or Barney count before the girls go to bed.


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