Date Night

Jeremy and I went out on our monthly date night tonight.  My parents watched the girls (thank you!!!) and carved pumpkins with them.  Riley's pumpkin is carved to look like a cat and Julia's pumpkin has a cute mouth and two huge eyes.  They had pizza and had a blast I'm sure! (haven't talked to them yet about their night, but have no doubt it was great)

We decided to try a new restaurant that Jeremy's hairdresser recommended.  It's called Crudo and is an Italian restaurant in Frisco.  Sooooo incredibly delicious!!!  One of the best places we have gone to.

My Top Ten Restaurants in Dallas so far... and not in any particular order:

1.  Crudo
Love the atmosphere and waiters are top-notch.  Incredible food.

2.  Jasper's, Abacus and Blue Plate (all owned by the same chef Kent Rathbun)
*I realize that these are three separate restaurants but they are all incredible.  And being by the same chef, well worth trying all of them!!  My personal favorite is blueplate as we've gone there several times.  Jaspers has smaller portions and Abacus is just beyond amazing.

3.  Stephan Pyle's
This list is not in order, but this is by far my all-time favorite restaurant in Dallas.

4.  Hibiscus

5.  Maggiano's
Had our reception in one of their large rooms.  We just love the food here.  Not as costly as the others which makes it a favorite to go to.

6.  Place at Perry's
One of Jeremy's work dinners was here and it was wonderful.

7.  Fireside Pies
Ate here with my mom!  Delicious!

Great atmosphere.  Another great night out with my mom.

9. Bonnie Ruth's
Fabulous breakfast/brunch and lunch/dinner selections.

10.  Isabella's (sad to say it is no longer around)


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