Spelling Words

Every week Riley has a spelling list.  She breezes through it and learns very quickly.  Thankful for that!  She also has a chart of sight words that are supposed to help her learn words that come up frequently.  Instead it has been more of a "I've memorized this chart and can do it with my eyes closed"  chart.  Despite the chart having a few extra words added each week.  She quickly memorizes those too and can demonstrate it by being away from her list and in a drone voice speaking it:  I the when did the a what not can you see this I the when did the a what not I"

We are supposed to time her three times every night for four days in a row.  Julia listens as we time her.  It only takes about 8 seconds for 25 words, but I'm not convinced she is actually learning them!  Just memorizing the order.

Julia has also caught on to it and went to the potty tonight.  As we are all sitting at the table, we hear her speaking in the bathroom:  I the when did dee a what not I the when did wee a what not ..."


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