Yesterday as I was in the middle of teaching my kinder class, a gym aide from Coach's room came in and said "Mrs. Grant, Coach needs three instruments."  I was baffled because he never asks for instruments and if he ever needs anything, he asks a while in advance.  So I must have given her a strange look because she said "He needs them for a new game."

I asked her what instruments he needed and she told me that he just needed three.  So I chose instruments that would work in the gym - a large doumbek drum, a triangle and striker and a ratchet.

She walked out of the room with the instruments and back to Coach.  As she was walking into the gym, Coach gave her a strange look and was trying to figure out why she was carrying the instruments.

Then it dawned on him.

He had asked her to see if he could have "three extra minutes" (as we switch classes and he needed a little extra time).  She heard "Three instruments."

Love it.


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