Time For a New Clock

The clock in my classroom has been broken for a few weeks.  Put in a work order and the guy came in today to fix it.  Has been so funny to see students watching as the seconds hand is going completely bonkers on it.  They found it really funny so we actually talked about how normal clocks tick on a steady beat and this clock has an unsteady beat.  Geeky I know, but they got it.  I actually put a poster on top of it so it was less distracting.

The guy walks in and gets up on the ladder, unhooks the wires and drops my clock to the ground while saying "Bye Bye Clock!  No more clock for you!"  I just stared at him and was thinking "He's totally kidding.  I'm always gullible so I'm not falling for that one."  I watched as he threw it in the recycle bin, climbed up the ladder and slammed my poster against the big metal square that is now on the wall.

He says "No more clocks in here."  I told him I was always gullible and asked if this was a joke.  He told me he was serious as a door nail or something like that.  Then said that the Superintendent has advised all of them that if clocks are beyond repair (as mine is) that they are to recycle them and not replace them.  The Super is not a fan of clocks and said that rooms have tvs with scrolling times as well as our own personal devices so we don't need clocks in the classrooms.  I asked if this was saving the district money.  He said he didn't know but it was strange.  Then he said "Enjoy having a room with no clock!" and left with his bag.

The clock is in the recycle bin.  I checked it out and it is damaged.  Wondering what ideas on Pinterest I could find for it...


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