Grocery Shopping

Yesterday Riley and I went grocery shopping after work.  $103.72 later and we had our groceries for the week.  Boo yah!!  So much price matching this week and last.  Made some fabulous deals and Riley was a champ both times.  Easy in, easy out.  I pushed the cart out the doors as Riley skipped near me until we got into the parking lot where she held the side - good job Riley!

I popped the trunk, unlocked the doors and put the keys in my right pocket.  Riley hopped into the car and sat in the back seat turned around watching me put groceries inside.  I loaded up as we talked and then took the cart to the corral.

Came back to shut the trunk and then walked to my door.  Felt around for the keys... and patted a flat pocket.  Felt the other pocket.  Looked around for a second and knew I hadn't gone to the sides of the car.  So I popped the trunk again and looked around.  Nothing there.  Looked on the ground - knew that I hadn't heard the clink of my keychain - and nothing was there.

So I told Riley what I was doing.  She goes "Oh Mom!  You can't find your keys!  I'm sure you lost them!"  Thanks Riley.  Then "Mom!  They MUST be over there.  I'm sure someone has run them over with their car by now."  Thanks again Riley :)

I moved the bags and didn't see them in the back.  So I took out one bag at a time and started looking inside the bags wondering where they may have gone.  No keys in any of the bags or in the back.  I also checked the cart twice to see if they had been left on there somewhere.  No such luck.

Thankfully Jeremy called.  I asked if he was on his way and told him that I felt like such a dork because I couldn't find the keys!  I knew they were out here somewhere because I had unlocked the car and popped the trunk.  I saw a lady go get a cart from the corral and he told me to check the cart again - to look one more time.  Thankfully the lady did NOT take my cart!

When I turned the cart around, there were my keys.  When I had gotten the Dr. Pepper packs from the bottom of the cart, my keys somehow hooked onto the side of the cart and hung on.  Completely blended in with the cart as it is all metal.  Impossible to see unless you turned it around.  Finding them if someone had taken the cart would have been insanely difficult.  And just so thankful they were still hanging there.

Riley and I cheered!  I told Jeremy I'd see him at home and thanks for his reminder to check again!  Then went to pick up Julia.  After letting her have a buggy ride, we got home at 6pm safe and sound.


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