Almost Friday

One of those weeks where if felt as though it might never end.  Hasn't been a bad week.  Just long.

Julia is refusing to eat food at the daycare.  Happened twice this week.  First time we weren't told about it.  She just came home and devoured her dinner and kept asking for more.  Then woke up at 4am with me starving.  I refused to give her food because I just wanted to sleep and thought she was confused as to what time it was.  She cried a little but then fell asleep as well.

Then I asked her teacher if she ate lunch that day (after Julia told me in the morning that "I no eat my yunch yesserday") and her teacher said she ate nothing.  Felt really bad for not getting her something to eat!

Yesterday she came home and devoured tons of food for dinner.  She is loving her yogurt these days and had two large yogurts, a sandwich, a star crunch snack and some other food.  Though she did inform us that she did not eat lunch ("It be yucky!") so we knew she needed lots to eat.

And still woke me up at 4am.  After falling out of her bed onto me twice.  Poor girl!  I did wake up and get her another yogurt because that was all she wanted.  I watched her eat it by candlelight since it was too "sunny" (as Jules would say) when the lights were on.  We went back upstairs and slept for a little while, but it took awhile to get back to sleep.

Riley has been incredibly tired this week.  The flu really wore her out and she's just tuckered out.  Even sat out of gym class due to a bad cough and tiredness.  She had a fever of 100.3 yesterday afternoon after school.  But after meds, felt fine all night.  No fever in the morning, but we gave her meds just in case so that she could make it through the day today which she did.  Now she is worn out again and so we're hoping for a very early bedtime if possible.

Looking forward to Riley getting better and Julia getting sleep.  Don't like to see our babies like this, but thankful to be able to care for them!


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