Visiting Santa

Julia was on a huge kick about Santa tonight.  As I laid down in her bed and she sat up talking and talking and talking, she told me a lot of things about what we could do with Santa.  She was desperate to see him.

Jules:  I make him a basket with lots of goodies for Santa.  I say 'Santa, here are some things for you' - 'oh thank you julia' he would say.  And I would say 'you're welcome!' and he would say 'this is awesome!'

Then we could go visit him.  I want to see Santa!  I want to see Santa!  I want Presents!!!!!!!

Me:  Julia, Santa won't be here for a long time, but you do have a birthday coming up and you'll get a few presents then.

Jules:  Oh yeah!!!  I would like a doll, another doll, a Dora doll (as she is saying this, she is picking up the dolls she wants).  I want them at my birthday so they could sing Happy Birthday to me!  And I would like my other doll (she walks across the room to get it and throws it on her bed).  That would be fun!!!  I would go phhhhhhhhhh and blow out the candles on my cake.  And eat it.

Me:  That will be fun!  You'll be three!!

Jules:  one two three four five six.

Silence for one second.

Jules:  I want to see Santa.  Where is he?

Me:  He's at the North Pole.

Jules:  We could go see him!  We could take Grandpa's car and Grandma's car and we could drive to go see him.  It would not be hard.  We could do it!

Me:  It's a very long drive, Jules.

Jules:  We could do it!!  I want to see Santa!!!!!


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