My medicine is called TriNessa.  TriNessa.  TriNessa.  I should have repeated this as a mantra to myself before sending an email to my health care company's prescription website. They always (and I mean always) substitute my medicine with another generic medicine and it causes me major issues.  So I had my dr. write a new prescription and still - they did the same thing.  I have to call every three months to make sure they send the correct one.  Have been told that my healthcare company prefers the other medication for me as it supposedly is the same thing and it costs them less.  Well, that's great, but it doesn't do what I need it to do and it costs me a lot more in other ways.

So I wrote them an email before they sent this next dose:

My prescription is for TriNessa.  I can not have Tri-Previfem as it does not work for my body and causes major issues.  I must have TriNessa and no substitutions.  I have called every three months to make sure it is not substituted and my doctor has also called in a new prescription.  Do not send TriNessa!  Only send Tri-Previfem!  I can only have Tri-Previfem!  Thanks so much.

Just a little confusing....

(Thankfully, I caught it AFTER it was sent and so I sent three more emails stating that I had mixed up the message and that I did truly need TriNessa.  They were so helpful and understanding and have now sent the correct medicine in the mail.  Curious to see which one arrives this week...)


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