What started out as my mom and I doing a girls trip this summer has turned into a trip with Riley as well.  Julia is still little and with naps it would require dealing with a potentially tired and cranky preschooler.  Jeremy has to work and taking days off are hard.  With $300 in vouchers, figure it'd be great to use them and have some fun!  So we're trying to figure out where to go.  Thinking of a few scenarios:

1.  Florida - beach, beach house, warm (hot)
2.  Michigan - family, cooler weather, Cedar Point
3.  Jon and Allison's place in Rhode Island - family, warm (or hot), Boston, NYC
4.  Somewhere else

I talked to Riley about it yesterday and asked where she'd want to go.  She asked if we could pull out her USA puzzle map.  So she started looking at it and I gave her the options we were thinking of.

She immediately knew where she wanted to go:  Michigan!  She said she wants to go there because she wants to see where I grew up (very sweet of her).  I was thinking that visiting Jon and Allison would be a lot of fun.  But Riley told me "No Mom!  I've already been to Boston and I want to go somewhere I haven't been before."  Wow.  If ever I wondered if she was like me at all, that statement solidified it.  So how I always think!

Riley said she'd love to go on vacation.  She was all for alone time with Grandma and me.  I told her Grandpa might come.  She says "Oh yea!  That would probably be low key!"

She is adamant that Michigan is where she'd like to go.  Then I asked what she'd want to do and she said "Ice Skate!!!"  I told her that it wouldn't be that cold in Michigan and that it would be warm.  She frowned and said "Nevermind.  I don't want to go there then.  I want to go somewhere with snow.  Let's go to Antarctica!!!"

I told her that no matter where we go, it will not be somewhere really cold.  That it will definitely be warm.

Will be interesting to see where we end up!!  Planning is half the fun anyways so it's been a blast thinking and planning for where we might go!


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