Every year my parents ask us to bring the girls over to help decorate their trees.  They have a 3' one by the stairway and a taller one in their living room.  So I brought the girls over this morning when Jeremy was at work.  They had so much fun choosing which ornaments went where.  Julia decided where to set up the houses that glow (on magazines on the floor next to the chair).  Riley was very into the ornaments and arranging them.

Then we went upstairs to play and spent a lot of time in the play kitchen and house and little people.  Riley serenaded us with bird calls on the large wooden recorder (she blew and we tapped our hand back and forth quickly on the end of it).  She thought it was hilarious.

This afternoon was very low-key.  Jeremy came home and hung out with Riley.  I put Julia down for a nap and took one with her.  She took almost an hour to get to sleep.  Kept moving around, had to go potty, talked and talked and talked.  Finally slept for a few hours which was great.  Happy girl!!

After dinner, we all watched Curious George on the couch together.  23 minutes of precious time with them.  We snuggled under the nap blanket and Jeremy and I smiled at each other often; love these girls!!!  Then we played ball and other things upstairs in the playroom for a while.  The girls had so much fun.  Julia kept wanting to leave with her purse with me and go to the end of the hallway while calling out "Bye!  See you Later!  We go to work!"  We'd stay at 'work' for a minute or two and then return to the playroom.

I had Riley tonight while Jeremy put Julia to sleep (he must have fallen asleep with her as he hasn't come down yet).  Riley was so sweet and we did some of her homework assignments.  Every month we have a calendar of activities to choose from and we have to do three activities from each row.  Some of the ones we did tonight included:

Q:  Which famous person do you want to meet and what would you say to them?
Riley:  Grandma... (so I explained some famous people and talked about how they are often and most likely people you don't know and then she came up with the following person on her own) Oh!  Barbie.  I would say to her "Hello Barbie.  I've never met you before!"

Q: How many minutes do you think it will take you to get yourself dressed?  Then have your mom or dad time you.
Riley:  Two hours!!  I mean two minutes.

So we set the timer on my phone as soon as she had her clothes ready.  It was hilarious watching her work as fast as she could to get her clothes on.  She had trouble getting her legs into the pant legs as they were moving so fast and she was giggling so hard.  She forgot that she had taken her panties off and had to get new ones out of the drawer to put on.  Then she forgot where her shirt was and got it out of the drawer.  We were all giggling hard.  And yet she managed to get dressed in one minute and twelve seconds!


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