Riley:  Glowy Girl
Julia: Ladybug
Madi: Artemis, Warrior Princess/Girl

Riley's costume consisted of a glow in the dark skeleton pj set, a glow in the dark wig, glow in the dark glasses and anything else she could find that would glow.  As she went trick or treating, she would comment on anyone else wearing something that glowed and say "I love your glowy thing."

Julia had the most adorable ladybug dress.

Madi used her Cleopatra costume from last year.  Grammy hemmed it and made a thick belt and the softest cloak ever made.  It was amazing looking.  Madi created a bow and arrows out of sticks at my parents house and feathers and duct tape.  Looked awesome.  She also made a quiver to hold them out of fabric and staples.  She had many compliments on her outfit.

The girls had a great Halloween.  Madi and Riley had a parade of costumes first thing in the morning to start their day.  All the kids walked the halls of school to show off their costumes.  Was quite chaotic, but neat just the same!

We went out trick or treating around our neighborhood.  If you asked Julia what she was going to do when she went out, she'd say "Get candy!"

The weather was warm and the girls had tons of candy even though many of the homes were not passing it out.  A lot of people went to Hawaiian Falls to do trunk or treating.  But it was still a great night!

The girls each had one piece of candy.  I totally forgot to pack any in their lunches, but they did have some after school on Thursday and today.


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