Back Rubs

Jeremy was quite cranky tonight.  Frustrated that the girls didn't eat much dinner because of eating candy after school.  (and only three small/medium ones at that)  He was just ready to chill and relax and that wasn't going to happen anytime soon tonight with all the bedtime stuff to do.

He walked out to the garage for a few minutes to do something.  I told the girls that he was cranky and just needed to be left alone to relax for a little while.

Riley:  I know something that would not be bad for him.  A back rub would not be bad!

I agreed but didn't think too much about it.  He came back in and went to the stove to cook a breakfast casserole for dinner.  Riley asked him to bend down.  He told her he would do that in a minute.

He squatted down and she began to massage his shoulders.  It was the sweetest thing!

Jeremy thought I put her up to it, but I told him that I had nothing to do with it.  It was all Riley's idea.  She has such a high emotional IQ.  Very aware of how others are feeling and wants to make sure everyone is taken care of and happy.  Sweet girl.


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