Pastor just began a new series last week about "Death and it's Friends."  Honestly, I wasn't too excited about going as it sounded purely sad and depressing and wasn't something I felt like I really wanted to sit and hear.  I realize death is a part of life, but it's not always something you want to hear even if it's good for you. So glad I went anyway as it was much needed information for this week.

One of my closest friends at work got a message while we were at a staff meeting about her fiance (they've been engaged seven years and were practically married in every way except by license).  She was quite worried as the police were coming to meet with her and would be there soon.  I sat with her and two other friends as they were on their way.  And prayed for her.  She went in her office with one of the friends and then I stayed outside to watch for the police.  I opened the doors for them to come in and led them to her room.  She was then given the news that he had died and was found this morning.  It was truly an indescribable experience and so incredibly sad.  Thankful to have been there for her, but so sad.

The funeral is tomorrow and I'll be singing "Fields of Gold" as sung by Eva Cassidy.  Beautiful song.  Praying I can do it justice and that I can keep my composure through it so it can be a beautiful moment for the family and my dear friend.  I'm sure it will be a moving and difficult service as it was so unexpected.  He was in his early 40s.

My former student's mom also passed away the same morning from breast cancer.  I taught her daughter Madison for six years in elementary school and she is now in sixth grade.  It was heartbreaking to get the news about her the same morning.  Such a dear lady as well.

Then on Thursday, another coworker had a death in her family and another coworker's cat died.  It was a tragic and difficult week for so many friends and my heart is so sad for all of them.

I definitely hugged and kissed and praised the girls and Jeremy more than I have.  And loved on them even more.  Found I was often in a thinking daze and having very serious faces.  Madi kept saying "are you ok Aunt Jess?"  and I hadn't even realized that I had been staring into space and thinking about my dear friends.

This week is Grandparent's Day with lots of performances as well as planning for the choir concert and preparing for Monica to come next Saturday.  So hard to believe we've had Madi for a year and a half and that now her mom is coming back.  We're happy for them, but it sure is bittersweet.  Will miss her terribly!


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