I went to Walmart this morning to grocery shop and get some filters for the house.  We're close to needing some so I went ahead and got them.  It was easy to find the first two sizes but couldn't find the third one.  Went to the back wall and found it.  On the very top shelf - was a little bit of a reach for me. They were all stacked up.  Not laying flat, but leaning back against the wall.  At least they were when I got there.

I took one from the middle pile and had to lean on one on the pile to the left of it.  All while still chatting with my mom on the phone.  As I took it down and put it in the cart, I watched as tons of them just starting falling forward all over the place - into the cart, on my head, on the ground, in the aisle.  It was hilarious.  Just kept making "fpp, fpppp, fpppp, fffff" sounds as more and more fell.  I just started laughing and told my mom I just made a huge mess.

It was impossible to get them all back up and there were still so many leaning forward.  So I stacked them up and leaned them against the others on the floor into two separate piles.  Wasn't really sure what else to do, but at least this way they weren't mixed in with other sizes and carts could get through the aisle.

As Riley told Mrs. E, "My mom drops everything.  She drops this!  She drops that!"  This will give her just one more story to tell her teacher :)


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