Tomorrow I turn 35.  Halfway finished with my 30's and it's been the best decade I've lived so far!!  I became a new mom at 29 and then again at 32.  Was a fantastic start to the last few years.  Can't wait to see what the next five hold until I turn 40 and start what is hopefully another great decade.

Tonight we celebrated at my parents' house with Rob and Mel.  Rob had his birthday on Halloween so they sang to both of us and we each blew out a candle on their centerpiece - awesome!  They made an amazing chicken/sausage/veggie pasta dish with bread and salad.  We had bundt cakes for dessert.  Extremely special!!!

I was given two cards to open.  One was from my parents and had a little card inside the card giving me my own "gramma day" with shopping, eating out and time with them.  Totally looking forward to that!!  The girls each get their own Grandma and Grandpa day where they get to spend time with them by themselves.  Always very special.  Perfect gift for this mom!

Riley made me a card as well that said "Tow Mom."  She wrote it all herself and drew pictures.  One was of me blowing out candles on the cake and her standing to the side.  Inside it says:

Happy birthday Mom!  I love you. You are special to me.  Riley

Totally melts my heart.  She is such a special girl.  Best birthday gift ever!


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