Love You Too Daddy

So every night the girls decide who they want to read with them. Usually there's no competition.  Madi loves the Drizzt books with Jeremy and Riley loves to read with me.  Tonight we asked Riley who she wanted and she said that she wanted Jeremy which was very sweet.  Will give me time with Madi and him time with her.

Before we went upstairs to read and put the girls down, Jeremy dropped a dish into the dishwasher and Riley says "Oh there might be glass.  I better sweep it up."  I told her that she didn't have to if she didn't want to because the glass didn't break.  She goes "No.  It's ok Mom. I don't mind."  So she got a broom from the laundry room and proceeded to sweep the entire kitchen.  (By the way, she's only four)  She kept saying "This floor is soo dirty!"  I have no idea who says that ;)

Jeremy put all the dishes in and I helped finish putting the dust pan away.  And then the following conversation occurs:

Jeremy:  So you want me tonight, Riley?
Riley:  Yes Dad!!  I want you to bring your iPad so I can watch some movies.
Jeremy:  Well, it's very late tonight Riley.  Would it change things if you knew that we wouldn't have time for the iPad story tonight?
Riley:  Ohhh!!!  But I want the iPad story!
Jeremy:  Well we're not going to have it.
Riley:  Ok.  Then I want Mommy.

She still gets special time with Daddy tonight.  And I'm sure that she'll love just being with him.  Even without the iPad.


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