A few days ago at work, I brought a yummy lunch.  Well, really just a cheap healthy lunch from home, but it would suffice.  Soup, chips, yogurt, and apple.  So I ate it and noticed I still had 15 minutes left to lunch time.  Thought this was weird because I usually have less than a few minutes left and I have to shove my food down quick just to finish it.  Then I was starving by the time school let out.  Couldn't figure out why.

The next day (Wednesday) I was sitting at the lunch table in the teacher's lounge waiting for a microwave to become available so that I could heat up my pork to eat.  My friend Jen was getting her food out of the microwave and I noticed a white bowl covered with a towel sitting out and asked if there was someone going after her.  She said "I don't know.  There's just the bowl full of food sitting here."  So I stood up to see what it was (as everyone else had already started eating) and looked closer at the bowl.

I said "Hey - this is my bowl from home!  And this is the soup I made yesterday.  Except I thought I ate it.  Did anyone see me eat my lunch?  Did I forget to eat it?"  Everyone laughed.  And I quickly realized that I had eaten my food, but got caught up in talking about funny stories with coworkers as well as talking about stressful things going on and never got my hot soup out of the microwave.  And since everyone at my lunch hour had already eaten, there wasn't anyone using it after me so there was no way to know that I'd not had it.  My coworker Val goes "I thought your lunch looked small yesterday!"  And then laughed.

At staff meeting yesterday one of the teachers said something about how someone picked up the full bowl of soup and I said "Oh - that was mine.  Forgot about it."  Felt moronic and yet couldn't help but just laugh at myself.

Guess I'm just a little preoccupied...


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