Blooper #2

Last night I was invited by a friend of mine from church to come and hang out with a group of girls from church at La Madeleine's.  And of course, have a delicious dinner.  So I mentioned it to Jeremy and he was like "Sure!  You should go!"  and I said "Ok!  I will then!  Thanks!"

So tonight I left for the restaurant at 6:30pm and thought I had the wrong restaurant because I couldn't find them.  I knew she had reserved the back room so I thought that maybe I just hadn't found the back room so I asked a girl that worked there where the back room was and she said it was through the wooden door in the back.

I went to the wooden door and wasn't sure how to open it as it had no handle.  My first thought was "there's no handle?!  How does this thing open?"  My next brilliant idea was to push it so I did.  And lifted it high enough to hit a table and some chairs (about waist height) and then lowered it back down.  The table of people behind me were giving me strange looks, but I figured they were just wondering why I was looking inside of it.  Never dawned on me until I was telling Jeremy the story that it was because it was a pocket door and anyone else would have realized that no handles on the door means that it slides open.

Not only did I open the door wrong, but I also got the time wrong too!  Not the wrong location as I first thought.  So instead of wasting time, I assumed I had the wrong place and called my mom to see if she wanted to do dinner.  She was going out to a friends' home with my dad so she said "No, but go find a fun place to eat by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet!"  So I went to the mall.  And shopped.

Got new socks from Clarks and found out that their socks have a lifetime guarantee!!  If they get a hole in them five years from now, I can return them without a receipt and get a new pair of socks even if the socks are a different price than what I had paid years before.  Crazy.  Love it.

Then went to Victoria's Secret for their semi-annual sale.  And thought "Hm... did Jen say 6:30pm or 7:30pm?"  So being that it was about 7:30pm, I stopped by La Madeleine's again and lo and behold - the girls were all there.  So I hung out with friends and finally ate some dinner.  Ended up being a great night!


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