Night Routine

Times shown are approximate.  We're not a slave to time.  Just happens to be that this was about how tonight went:

6:00pm - night routine begins
6:05pm - girls all upstairs
6:10pm - somebody needs something downstairs and must absolutely get it.  Now.  Or else.  (this is always either Riley or Madi)
6:15pm - girls are changing into pjs for the night
6:20pm - girls are brushing their teeth, gargling, and then going potty
6:30pm - Jeremy and I are filling the humidifiers and setting them up in the girls' rooms while Riley is chattering away, Julia is reading books in her crib (which she also does while you empty it in the bathroom in the morning.  Gotta have her books!) and Madi is usually already in her bed reading
6:40pm - girls all say goodnight to each other.  We divide and conquer.  One of us puts down Jules and Madi.  The other puts down Riley.


Madi reads in her room while one of us is doing the following with Jules-

6:40 - 6:55 - Reading books with Jules in the big comfy leather chair.  She pulls the books off the shelf that she wants to read and brings them to you.  When she's finished reading one with you, she says "ah dah (all done)" and "way" (away).  Then slides off you and puts it back and takes another one out.

6:55 - 7:10ish - she snuggles on your shoulder and asks you to sing songs like "Tinkle" (Twinkle Twinkle little star) and loves the Overture song to Bye Bye Birdie - only with her name in it instead of Conrad's name.  And she always sings the lyrics "I'm blue!  Oh Julia I love you."

7:10 - put her to sleep in her crib.  Must have white burp cloth laid out for her head to rest on it and a small blue blanket with white trim that I crocheted covering her back.  She loves to yell "NIGHT NIGHT!"  and then laugh

7:10pm - Go into Madi's room.  Read chapter in the Bible and then Jeremy will read Drizzt book and I will read Warriors book with her.  Then we pray.  Lights out at 8:00pm when we leave.


6:40pm - Read from the Jesus Storybook Bible or the Beginner's Bible.  Depending on time, behavior, etc...  we read a variety of books.  Tonight it was a Barbie Fashion Fairytale, The Napping House, and The Wizard of Oz.  She lays down and we keep the closet door propped slightly open for light (even though she has a nightlight, but it's very dim).

7:00 - 8:00 - We pray and lay and share stories from when we were little kids.  She especially loves the story about how my brother Jim had to write his favorite things on a piece of paper, wanted to spell the word "favorite" and was told to sound it out and then wrote very large across the top "F-A-R-T."  She asks me for this story every time I put her to bed.  Then we lay quietly.  I leave after 4-8 songs - depending on how tired she is and what time it is.  She had chosen to wear pj pants, a red and black dress, and a pj shirt on top of it for bed tonight.  Said she cold.  Then hot.  Took off the pj shirt.

Well, tonight at about 8:00pm, she was still awake.  I had left about 7:45pm.  We kept hearing creaky doors opening and closing.  I went upstairs to take something up and peeked through the crack of her door.  Nobody was laying in her bed.  But there was her pink sleeping bag spread out all over the bed.  So I opened the door and said "Riley" very softly.  She was standing to my left and sporting quite the ensemble.  She had changed into a rainbow striped dress with her Cruella De Vil coat over it (complete with black fur collar and fake diamond buttons) and looked quite alarmed.  I just asked her to go to bed.  And she lay down.  I peeked through the door as I left to find that she was then putting on her fluffy pink slippers.  So I went downstairs figuring she'd wear herself out.

About 8:30, we heard more sound from upstairs.  Went up to find her sleeping bag tossed to the side, her nap blanket tossed to the side and she's in her closet doing who knows what still wearing the dressy outfit.  Jeremy and I explained that she needed to be in comfy pjs and stop dressing up at night.  So we got her dressed in new pjs.  Only this time it was one of her pj dresses with horses on it.  She climbed into bed and we helped her lay down all comfy and warm.  Each of us took a turn kissing her forehead, saying goodnight and I love you.

Will be interesting to see what she is wearing when morning comes!


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