Monthly Tuition:  $1800  (yes, we'll have paid $18,000 for daycare this year.  Shouldn't have done the math.  That's a totally depressing thought)

Fees for supplies each semester:  $150

Uniforms:  $100 at least (which I totally love that they have because it has saved us money and the kids look adorable)

Riley and Julia feeling loved and comfortable and safe - priceless

Riley's ability to talk about herbivores and carnivores, add and subtract, count by tens, write her upper case and lower case letters, read three letter words (only the good ones - after all they aren't to four letter words yet) and be able to recite the continents, days of the week, months of the year and other songs by memory and understand them - priceless as well

Julia's ability to sing about twinkle stars, say her colors, go to the potty, follow directions, learn to stop biting, and growing into such an amazing toddler - priceless as well

Totally impressed with the Montessori method and Lakeside Montessori.  So amazed with what the girls are doing and learning.  Just had to brag about them since it is our family blog and so I don't forget what an amazing year this has been for our girls.


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