Riley hasn't been feeling well the past few days.  Julia just got over pink eye.  So it's been another round of exhaustion mixed with care.  Riley said her ears are hurting last night.  We gave her some tylenol and she was able to sleep.  However she went to bed late because she couldn't get to sleep (8:30pm - normally asleep around 7pm) and woke me up at 5:30am (normally sleeps until 7:00am on weekends).

Lots of great moments are made in these wee hours.  I especially love her little funny comments and her songs.  As much as I long to sleep, it's quite cute and we have a lot of good laughs together.  Here are a few highlights from this morning:

"Mom!  Can I lay with you?... (five seconds later.  literally)  I have to go to the bathroom.  Can you come with me?  I need someone with me.  It's dark.  I have to go.  Where is the sun?  I want to go potty.  Come on Mom!"

Off we go to the bathroom:

"I had to go bad.  I knew you'd want to come with me in case you needed to go too."

Back in the hallway:

Riley:  I want to go in my room.  I need you to come.
Me:  Riley, it's so early.  I thought you said you said that you'd come back and lay down in bed with me?
Riley:  I want to go in my room.  I'll turn off the light and promise I'll lay down quiet.

Off we go to her room - so we don't wake up the other girls.  We lay down in bed and get comfortable.

Riley:  Ohhhh.  Isn't this nice?  I thought you'd be more comfortable in here.  Hey!  Can we buy a giraffe?
Me:  A real one or a stuffed animal one?
Riley:  A real one.  But a small one.  A baby one.  It would be so cute.  We could bring it home and then when it got bigger, it could go in our backyard and eat the leaves off our trees.  (starts singing) I'm soooo bluh-uh-uh blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue - uuuueeeee.  I'm so blue I don't know what to do.  She's soooo blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue uuuuuue.  She's so blue she don't know what to do.  (sings repeatedly with some vibrato then talks again)  That's from Madame Blueberry
Me:  When did you see that show?
Riley:  At Grandma's house!  Did you sell it to her?
Me:  No.  We let her borrow it.
Riley:  Oh.  I thought you would sell it to her.  Maybe we can get it back.  I want to watch it. Oh wow.  Your arm is warm.  My arm is soooo cold.  But my feet are hot.  Hey!!  It's so hard to sleep.  I just can't sleep.

She sits up and farts in my face.

Me:  Thanks Riley.
Riley:  Oops.  Sorry Mom! (giggles) Burp!!  Burp!!!  Burrrrrrrrrrrp!  (fake burping repeatedly. have no idea where she gets this from ;))  Mom - I'm trying to get some really funny ones.  Burrrrrrp.  Burrrrp!  hahahahaha   Burp.  Buuuuuuuurp! BUrp!  hahahaha.  That was a good one.
Me:  I thought you were going to try to sleep.
Riley:  It's too hard.

She turns over and hits me in the face.

RIley:  Sorry Mom.  I just can't get comfortable. (sings again) I'mmmmm sooooo blue.....

Me:  It's been a while let's get up and go downstairs.
Riley:  Ok Mom!  It's just so hard to sleep.


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