January 3rd

Not feeling in the mood to think of a creative title.

Girls are doing awesome.  Riley is excelling at school.  Loved by all the kids and teachers and she loves them just as much.  Her writing is getting amazing.  She is able to add.  She asked my mom the other day how old she will be in 2012.  My mom said "I'll be 58."  Then Riley says "That means you're 57 right now."  Amazing.

Jules is talking non-stop.  Tells us "no" to everything.  Even if she asks "I wan ce-eal" (I want cereal - which actually means "I want Lucky Charms, but only to eat all the marshmallows out of it").  Then is given a bowl which she quickly dumps on the floor, is told to help pick up and again says "no."

Great start to the year though!!


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