So we all sin.  Not making excuses for the wrong things I have done in life.  Just stating a fact.  In reading the story of David tonight with Riley, I discovered a few new things about sin.

There is "a lot of sin" and "a little sin" and "goodness."  Here was our discussion:

Me (reading):  Now David wasn't perfect.  He made many bad choices and even murdered a man.  He had much sin, but God still loved him......   do you know what sin is, Riley?

Riley:  No!

Me:  It's when we do things that are not right.  When we make bad choices.  I sin sometimes and have to ask God for forgiveness.  Do you sin?

Riley:  No.  I don't sin.

Me:  Oh ok.  If you don't sin, then what do you do?

Riley:  I just have goodness inside of me.  No sin.

Me:  Oh I see.

Riley:  And I might have a little sin in me.  Like when I get time outs.

Me:  And I have sin in me too.

Riley:  A little sin?  Or a lot of sin?  I think you have sin in you.

Me:  A lot or a little?

Riley:  Just a little.  I think.


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