Another large medical term.  This one meaning:  Giant Hives.

As it turned out, Julia did not get better.  In fact, all through the night her hives kept multiplying and she became extremely itchy and had a fever of 101.  By morning (almost exactly 24 hours later), her eyelids were swollen so much that she couldn't keep them all the way open.  The hives had spread into her mouth. Her hands couldn't bend to pick things up because they were swollen so badly.  And her ears were completely red from hives as well.  Not to mention her little body covered in them.

So off to the ER again.  This time to Children's Hospital - at the recommendation of our pediatrician (whom I had called in the afternoon the day before as she wasn't getting better).

On the way to the ER, Julia kept saying over and over "Happy!  Haaaa-pppy!  Happy!"  I started questioning whether we really needed to go or not, but felt like she really needed to be seen - despite her happy temperament.  :)

As soon as we entered the waiting area, the nurses (all four of them) stopped what they were doing and just stared at her.  One of them finally said "So I'm assuming you're here for a rash?"  I laughed and sarcastically said "Yes, just a very small one."  Riley told us earlier in the day that Julia must have eaten an alien.  That definitely would explain her appearance to a 3 year old!

Paperwork was filled out, vitals taken and we were sent to a waiting room.

They claimed she'd probably take a popsicle (she didn't) and drink juice (she wouldn't).  I went over all we'd been through yesterday.  The doctor then tells me she was misdiagnosed.   Which would explain why the benadryl had no effect on her at all!

Erythema Multiforme and Angioedema (aka Giant Rash and Giant Hives) are very similar.  Except her skin was itchy and benadryl wasn't working - thus, it was really giant hives.  At this point, Julia was tired and irritable.  She was not saying "happy" over and over.  Poor girl just wanted her nap after being there for over an hour just waiting to figure out what was next.  Three medications and a shot of epinephrine were the plan of action.

I called my mom to tell her what they'd be doing and if she wanted to come up, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Was wonderful that her work is only five minutes from the hospital.  So she came and when she entered, got very teary seeing Julia and said "Oh, I think I'm going to cry."

Finally, the nurses came in with the tray of meds and the long needle.  Julia was crying and I was trying to hold her in my arms to make sure she would take all of it.  And got quite teary myself at how bad she was feeling.  Then I held her on my lap while they put the needle in her thigh.

She fell asleep on top of me as we lay on the bed.  My mom covered us with a white blanket and within 30 minutes, the hives had started to go away.  We were then sent home where she had more medicine to take for the next two weeks.  Doctor said it will take about a week for all the hives to be completely gone.

So today I'm home again watching her to make sure she is reacting fine to the medicine.  And trying to decide if I should take her in again today.  She won't eat.  Her tummy is in pain.  She hasn't had a wet diaper all day. And she's only sleeping an hour at a time.  So the watching and waiting continues...


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