Erythema Multiforme

I can now pronounce this large medical term and sound very scholarly.  Though really what I am is exhausted and worried.  Yes, I've prayed - tons the last few days for sure.  But when your child is sick, it is certainly normal to have a level of worry.

Julia has had a bad sinus infection for the last few weeks.  She was put on amoxycillin and seemed to be taking it fine until Tuesday afternoon.  After work, I changed her diaper and noticed a bad, red rash in her inner thighs near her diaper.  I figured it was just needing some cream.  Though I couldn't find any so I thought I'd just change her again very soon.

My parents came over and took Riley for a walk.  The longer they were gone, the further the rash spread.  It appeared to be hives all over - head to toe, literally.  Everyone told me not to worry.  I've had my share of hives and reactions to food allergies over the years, but this looked different to me.  I stopped giving her penicillin and began giving her benadryl.  Don't even want to think about what would have happened if she had kept on taking the meds.

Julia was up all night.  She couldn't sleep and so neither could we.  The next morning, the little, bumpy hives had turned into flattened round discs with bulls-eye targets all over her little body.  I called in to work and too her to the ER at a nearby hospital.  My dad was kind enough to go into work late so that he could come with me.

They looked horrible and by the time we got to the ER, they had already spread more.  The Doctor said she had Erythema Multiforme.  She had a horrible reaction to the medication and it resulted in a rash all over her body that would last for several weeks.  At least, this is what he said.  He told me that since it was the result of her virus, there was nothing he could do.  He prescribed benadryl every six hours and lots of liquids.  Then said to bring her in if it got worse in the next 24 hours.  So we watched and waited...


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