How to Procrastinate Instead of Going to Bed

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Going to Bed (As tested by Riley):

1 - Be decisive.  Just walk down the stairs and say "I made it a short one today" (when in reality, you never slept at all.)

2 - Claim you need another friend to sleep with.  After all, animals get lonely too.

3 - Try to go potty just one more time... And another... and another.  When you're working towards wearing panties to bed, your parents can't resist trying to help you go that 'one last time.'

4 - Tell Mom that your "nails are really long.  They really are.  I think."

5 - Tell Mom and Dad to leave because their breath stinks.  That way you have a reason to play with all your friends on your bed.  In fact, the friends can even be placed in a row so that they have each gotten married to one another.  And it creates a pattern "boy girl boy girl boy..."

6 - Make all sorts of noise slamming dresser drawers and appear at the top of the stairs sporting a brand new outfit.  Then ask if you can play since you're already dressed!

7 - Hide in your closet.  Giggle when Mom finds you and tell her you were playing hide and seek.

8 - Run into the guest bedroom and lay in that bed.  Or run into Mom/Dad's bedroom and fall asleep in there.  Makes for a fun game of "where is she?  I can't find her!"

9 - Go into Julia's room to give her a friend, wake her up, shut the door and cause Mom and Dad to do two bedtimes all over again.

10 - Tell Knock Knock jokes.  Like "knock knock (who's there)  lamp  (lamp who?)  fan!!  hahahahaha"  Then say "Wait!  Wait!  I have an even better one."  Mom and Dad will laugh so hard at the lack of a punchline, that it'll give you at least another ten minutes before having to go to sleep.


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