Home Sweet Home

Jeremy and I have moved every two years since being married.  And we've moved within a four mile radius the last three times.

Two years ago (this coming weekend), we moved into our current home.  In January of 2009, we had been thinking of where we wanted to be in the future, what we could do to our home to make it work, and thinking of refinancing.  Then Jeremy asked me "What would you think if we moved?"  I said "Sure!"  So we took the leap of faith - and it was a leap of faith.  We met with our friend Jana, a home stager, and had her evaluate our home.  She gave us tips and we followed every single one of them (except removing a coat rack that was on the back wall.  We took the month of January in 2009 to get everything set.  We tore down wall units and put in new closet systems from the Container store.  We took out loads of office furniture and set up the third bedroom as a bedroom instead of an office.  We took tons of boxes, toys and furniture and stored them at my parents' home.  And it paid off.  We had two offers in 13 days.

We had our eyes on one particular home that was just south of where we were located.  We had seen it back in January while we were getting our home ready.  In fact, it had been on the market for 9 months.  Several low-ball offers, but nothing worked out.  Our realtor even said that she thought it would be gone by the time we sold.

Thankfully, it wasn't.  We still looked all over nearby areas, but kept coming back to this home.  We even got up the nerve to walk up to the door and lay hands on the door to pray for God's blessing.  So 30 days later (a short sale that avoided foreclosure by the previous owner by a week, threats of them not signing, and loopholes to jump through with the bank and the previous owner... not to mention his gambling habit and him not being able to come up with the money for his side of things) - we were the new owners!

Our realtor told us that she knew that God must have wanted us to have this home - as it shouldn't have worked out and yet, it had.  We knew God had set this home aside for us.


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