Nighttime Potty Training

Riley has decided that she is ready for big girl panties at night.  No more "princess pants" (as we call pull-ups for nighttime at our house) and no more water before bed.  Has been a great week so far until this morning.

Of course accidents happen.  And one week of dryness with one day of wetness is a great start!  I'm not upset at all that she wet the bed.  It happened at 4:30am and it is now 5:11am.  Just wondering what this means for the day that is to come.  I'm used to early wake up calls - 5:30am is not unheard of.  It's not welcome as I'm usually just getting into my REM sleep cycle (I'm not a very good sleeper.  Throw in a work night and I'm really not a good sleeper).

So good morning world!  Hello sunshine!  Oops - I mean hello darkness!  In about 3 hours, I'll be able to sing "Here comes the sun...."


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