The Empress' New Clothes

Riley LOVES clothes.  Grandpa Mo sent her a new dress - black velvety material with puppies and bows at the bottom - and a jacket to match.  The jacket is fake dalmation with black fur cuffs and neck with heart shaped "diamonds."

Riley LOVES Grandpa Mo.  He came to visit over Halloween weekend.  She had been praying for a new Rapunzel dress for a while.  He surprised all of us with one and Riley was soooo excited.  She figured out that prayer works and that God hears us - in her own little way.  So she immediately ran into Julia's room and hid behind the chair and prayed... for the Rapunzel hair.

Later I asked her during our nighttime devotion if she listened to God (we were reading about Samuel when God is calling him) and she said "Yes.  Grandpa Mo listens to God.  God told him to get me the Rapunzel dress and he did!"

Well, this morning I told her he had sent her something special.  She was soooo excited.  She saw the dress and goes "Wook! (Look) I love it.  I love it!"  Then she saw the coat and we tried it on immediately.  "I love this Mom!"  Then we tried on the dress and she immediately twirled several times.  "It doesn't really twirl out.  I love the dogs!"  So I explained it was velvety material and that it is very very soft.  She took it off and got all excited about the puppies and the red bows on it.

Thank you Grandpa Mo for a very sweet gift.  She'll be one excited girl today.


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