Back to the Hospital

No worries.  No one is actually in the hospital or going back there.  But Riley is wishing someone would.

Jeremy and I were laying with Riley in her bed to go to sleep and she said "I wish Julia would have stayed at the hospital.  That way I could play all by myself with my toys."  Jeremy then decided to tell her a story.

Jeremy:  One day God told us that He was going to give us a beautiful girl whose eyes would change from blue to hazel, who would love unicorns, who would be fun and love to run, dance, jump and play.

Riley:  That is me!

Jeremy:  Yes and God gave you to us.  Then later God told us that He was going to give us a girl who giggled all the time, giggled even harder when she walked and had big, beautiful blue eyes.

Riley:  That is Julia!

Jeremy:  Right!  God gave her to us too.

Riley:  God gave Riley and Julia to you to be your kids.

Jeremy:  Right.  And we would never send you back to the hospital because God gave you to us to keep.  Would you take your unicorn back to Santa?

Riley:  No!!  I love my unicorn!!

Jeremy:  Right.  So we don't want to give you or Julia back because we love you.

Riley:  And I love my books and my dress up clothes.


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