Dinner for two please

Every couple of months Jeremy and I decide that a nice dinner out with the girls sounds like a great idea.  It isn't until we're at the restaurant that we realize why we never eat out.

Our first experience dining out with two girls was when Julia was five weeks old.  I was tired of being at home and just wanted to get out.  So we chose a very family-friendly restaurant - Carrabba's.  Actually, we had never realized how un-family friendly it was for those who have newborns.  Our  car seat carrier filled up almost the entire aisle.  We blocked the waiter no matter how we adjusted.  Julia was still eating every hour and a half which meant Jeremy and I didn't even eat anything but a little bread together at the beginning.  Riley was so excited to leave the house she was beside herself.

Soon after we arrived, Julia started crying.  Thankfully she had the most sweet and quiet cry of any baby I've ever heard.  And that's not just my opinion.  Friends would come over and comment on it all the time.  She was very hungry so I started to put her bottle together.  When I went to hold her to feed, I realized that even though the booths seem large, they are not big enough to accomodate a mom who is feeding her baby a bottle.  Being that it was warm outside, I told Jeremy to go ahead and eat without me.  He stayed with Riley while I fed Julia outside on the bench.  Met a very nice woman and her husband and chatted with them until it was time for them to eat their meal - together.  When she finished, I brought Julia back inside and Jeremy took her back outside (as she was crying and sleepy) and I ate my cold dinner while Riley amused herself with crayons.

So we waited a long while before going out just the four of us again.... until tonight actually.   Julia is now ten months old and the four of us actually ate the meal together - finally we could say "table for four, please."


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