Doctor! Doctor!

Julia is sick again.  Temp around 100 and other symptoms I'd rather not mention here.  After work, I received the message from Kami saying that she was not feeling well.  So I called the doctor, picked the girls up and went straight to his office.

Riley gets very excited about going to the doctor.  Especially when it is for someone else.  I talked to her in the car about how we need to listen when the doctor is talking and not interrupt.  And how even when she says "Excuse me" while the doc and I are talking, I will probably need her to wait a minute before hearing what she has to say.  She is doing great with saying "Excuse me," but doesn't understand that just because she says it, doesn't mean we're going to stop at that second to hear her.  Trying to teach her patience... a lesson I am still learning.

So we get to the doctor and we are put in a room to wait.  Riley tells the nurse "My sister Julia has been sick for 15 days!!"  She laughs and smiles.

Riley wants me to read her a book.  Julia wants to practice walking around the room and spots the trash can which she tries to get to over and over.  All while Riley is whining "Mooooommmmm!!  I want to read the book!"  I manage to stay calm for the 40 minutes we are waiting.  Julia fussing and then screaming for the fun of it (happy all the while) and Riley wanting to read the book.  Then Riley has to go to the bathroom and we go back to wait some more.

So Dr. Stellman arrives and Riley immediately says "Doctor!  Doctor!  My sister Julia is sick!"  He asks if she is coughing.  Riley says "No."  He asks if she has a fever.  Riley says "Yes!  Yes, she has a fever!"  He hands her a book with a girl wearing glasses who is looking at the butterfly above her.  Then tells her to read it and tell him what happens at the end.  Riley tells him "I don't think I can do that.  I don't know what it says."  He tells her to look at the pictures.  She says "No.  I can't."

On goes the visit.  Julia has a stomach bug.  Could be rotavirus due to her symptoms, but she looks well hydrated.  Very thankful to hear that we're doing the right things.  Riley then tells him "I got sick all over our stairs and everywhere in the house.  But I'm alllll better!"  We finish talking about Julia.

Riley:  Excuse me!  Excuse me!  Doctor!  Doctor!  Wook!

Dr:  Oh the page is ripped!

Riley:  Yes!  I think a kid ripped the page because she wasn't listening to her mom and didn't do what her mom told her to do.

Dr:  Or maybe it was an accident.

Riley:  No.  I don't think so.

So Dr. Stellman and Riley go to the desk and tape the page of the book.  She looks very satisfied that she helped fix the page and that everything is all better.


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