Releasing Steam

So I took an ESL course tonight that lasted from 5:30pm until 8:30pm.  Tons of information and no breaks.  Just lots of time sitting in a very hard chair taking pages of notes.  Thankfully, it will be all worth it.  Just not tonight.

A meeting held at this time means several things will occur:
1 - I will not be home to do bottles, laundry, clean kitchen, cook meals for Riley and Julia, pack bags for tomorrow, set out clothes for tomorrow, or spend time with them during their bedtime routines.
2 - Kami has to keep them late because Jeremy has no car seats in his car (not to mention he's driving a rental due to getting hit last week on the tollway)
3 - That I am guaranteed to have work left for me at home following the meeting.

So Jeremy asked ahead of time if I wanted any food.  I told him I was grabbing some oatmeal, but said that if he cooked something for himself, then I'd have the leftovers for lunch.  I am now home from the meeting and totally tired.  My day consisted of teaching 140+ students, going to Walmart to get Julia foods we forgot and diapers, coming home for 20 minutes to put away dishwasher dishes and get a few of my things ready for tomorrow and going right back to work for the class tonight.

I arrive home.  All I can focus on is the negative at the moment.  There are no bottles done.  There is no laundry folded.  The dishes are not put away.  The table has not been wiped.  The bags are not packed for tomorrow.

So what has occurred in the past three hours that I've been away?

The girls were put to bed and in bed by 7:20.  Chicken (5 lbs. of it) was cut and put in a bag in the fridge.  And football is on tv.

So I ask Jeremy if he washed the bottles for tomorrow.  He gives me a "what are you talking about?  I figured you were going to do that" look while I am just steaming thinking "I just had a long meeting and would never, ever leave things undone or put a chick flick on tv if I knew you were at a long meeting look."  And he says "I thought you might have a method for what you wanted to do."

My method is:  just wash them and pack them for tomorrow.

I know this is not the worst thing to ever occur in anyone's life.  Just releasing steam that is pent up inside of my tired working self that just needs to go to bed.


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