Ice Age

Tomorrow marks Day 4 of being home with my two girls and not being able to even walk out onto our porch.  Let alone open the garage and drive somewhere.  Cabin fever struck this afternoon and I am super excited to go anywhere!  Walmart, dry cleaners, work, whatever.  I'll take it!

On Monday, everyone at work was saying that we would probably have Tuesday off of school.  Didn't believe that it would happen even one day.  Well, it happened four times over.  I have never seen so much ice in my life.  Our streets look like ice skating rinks.  And I have no idea how my husband was even able to get out each morning to go to work.

A few interesting facts about Texas Ice Storms:

1.  Pipes freeze.  Our pipes in the Master Bath are currently frozen and we're running a space heater and keeping the faucets dripping.  One friend had their pipes bust this morning and another had her pipes freeze to her washer.  Just praying ours don't break tonight while we sleep, but praying that if it does bust, that Jeremy is home.

2.  Wheels on cars can go forward and backward at the same time.  My mom watched someone in her work parking lot put their car in reverse as they were sliding backward.  The front wheels continued going forward while the back wheels spun back.

3.  Plenty of time for family.  I could not have been happier to have three (tomorrow will be four) days home with the girls.  We've done marble painting, played unicorn traps, built forts with pillows and blankets, chased Julia up the stairs a million times, and read several great books.  Others might disagree.  One friend has two kids who were arguing over who gets to wear their Dad's crocs so they could be the midget.  Mine just argued over whether Julia was grabbing something Riley wanted.  And it only happened rarely - thankfully.


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