Who Needs Heat?

Richard, our favorite A/C and heating guy, came out to our home to evaluate the system.  He showed me where to put in a new filter in the system in the attic.  I paid attention (sort of) to the direction the filter should go in.  By the time Jeremy came home with the filter, I couldn't remember which way the airflow should move and which way the filter is put in.  Jeremy stood on the ladder to the attic as I climbed across the beams to put it in as I knew I wouldn't be able to describe exactly where it went.  Better to show him.

Richard had made a comment that there wasn't a light in our attic so it's hard to see up there.  I saw a switch on a post and thought that it might turn a light on.  When it didn't work, I shut the light switch off.  Got the filter put in, left the house to go shopping and eat and then returned.

Our home was freezing by the time we got back.  I figured it was because I had put the filter in the wrong way so the system had shut off.  Jeremy figured it was because I had flicked the light switch off.  Sure enough - he was right.

In the meantime, I'd moved the thermostat up about five degrees to see if the heat would start up in the furnace and maybe that would trigger it to work.  Once the switch was turned, I forgot to turn the heat down.

Jeremy came out of Julia's room when he was trying to put her to bed and turned it down.  Just thankful our system is working great!


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