Good Samaritan

Tonight Julia went to have a sleepover with my parents while Jeremy and I had a night out with Riley.  She was all excited to wear clothes that my Aunt Monica sent her from when my cousin Hilary was younger.

We went out to NorthPark Mall where we walked around for a bit before taking Riley to one of our favorite restaurants:  Seasons 52.  Riley was precious as she raved about each part of the meal.  We had a lot of many different foods including a flatbread appetizer with small slices of pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, romaine and kale salad with croutons and caesar dressing, noodles with sauce and fresh parmesan cheese, and her personal favorite part: the s'mores small dessert with chocolate mousse and brownie.

The conversation was often about the food and then about the flowers (bromeliads) in the restaurant as well as other topics.  Jeremy and I both talked with her about how boys she dates later in life should treat her well.  Riley shared that it would be polite for the boy to ask her what her favorite restaurant is so he'd know where to take her to eat.  That he could take her to Seasons 52.  I said that he might take her to McDonald's.  She wrinkled up her nose and said "No way.  I'd just dump that boy."

After dinner, we walked around the mall and spent quite a bit of time at the Lego Store.  Riley found a Princess Leia keyring to put on her school backpack.  We got Julia a Lego Friends Mia keyring for her backpack.

As we were walking, a teenager spilled their coffee/drink in the middle of the floor.  She looked unsure as to what to do and then just walked away.  Riley looked at us and said "We need to clean that up.  We can't just leave it there.  Somebody could get hurt."  We were near a Corner Bakery so we went in and asked if they had any towels or napkins.  They gave us a white towel so we took it out and cleaned up the spill as people walked by.  I'm sure it looked as though it was our mess, but if that's what they thought then at least they watched us clean it up.  I brought the towel back to the manager of the Bakery and he thanked me for cleaning it as well as asked where the spill had been.  I told him that a girl had spilled it and how Riley had wanted to clean it up.  He asked Riley to come in and asked if she liked cookies.  He gave her a choice of cookies and asked her if she knew what a good Samaritan was.  I shared the story from the Bible briefly.  He said it was very thoughtful of her and thanked her.  Riley still isn't sure why it's such a big deal that she wanted to clean it up.  Without boosting her ego but helping her understand that she has a big heart that notices what the right thing to do is, we explained that she just keep her sweet, generous heart the way it is now.

Riley said it was her favorite night in a long time.  Ours too :)


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