Best Cooker of Mac and Cheese

Almost every night the girls rate who makes the best food.  They go through the order of who cooks each item the best.  A typical example would be how Riley rates who makes the best grilled cheese.  Her order is usually "Grandma's is number one.  Dad is number two.  Grandpa is number three.  Mom is number four."

Tonight Jeremy was working late so I made dinner for the girls.  They are never happy about this.  Jeremy is THE most amazing cook (or cooker as the girls always say).  I do not even begin to compare.  Unless you include my chocolate chip cookies, but that's baking which is totally different than cooking.

Julia groaned about how I was cooking and that since Dad wasn't home, I couldn't possibly make her a grilled cheese because it wouldn't be as good as his.  She asked for Mac and Cheese.  She wasn't happy that it was a box of shaped Mac and Cheese.  She was really hoping for spirals, but alas, it was all we had.

I put them in a bowl for her and called her over to eat.  She gave me the rundown of who makes Mac and Cheese the best.  She began: "Ok.  So Dad makes it the best.  Then Grandma.  Then Riley.  Then Aunt Allison.  And Uncle Jon.  And Matthew.  And then you.  You're the last.  But if you come close, I'll tell you something about being at the end."

I went close to hear what she would say.  She waited a little while to whisper "Nothing."


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