Spring in Winter

The past few days have been in the 70s. The girls are loving having the windows down in the car as we drive!  Julia loves to put her face near the window so that her hair blows hard.  The girls laugh incredibly hard.

Yesterday Riley and I took Val for a long walk.  Today all four of us took a family walk with the dog.  Jeremy and Julia went back sooner and Riley and I continued on to walk him longer.  As Riley said, "I'm an outdoorsy girl.  If I have the chance to be outside, I'm in!"  (Meaning she wants to be outside)

After church today, I knew I wanted to be outside a lot.  After all, how often do you get to enjoy 75 degree weather in January!!??  I thought it might be awesome to paint the playhouse out back.  We had two gift cards to Home Depot.  I told Jeremy that I thought I might do that.  He raised his eyebrows and shrugged and was like "Whatever you want to do."  I called my mom who quickly said "OH!  Sounds like so much fun.  I'll eat lunch and come right over."

We went to Home Depot and found the color Riley wanted (sea blue).  But while walking past cans that had been returned, we found a blue-grey for $9 and a darker grey for $2.  Both exterior paints in the can sizes we needed.  Great savings compared to roughly $30 a gallon per color!  Couldn't turn down the price and decided to go with those.  We also got a few cheap brushes, thick roller covers for rougher surfaces and primer.  Total cost:  $42.  Used our gift cards and still have $ leftover so it was nothing out of pocket.  Gotta love that.

The wood soaked up the primer like crazy.  Took an entire gallon to cover the entire playhouse.  We let it dry in the hot sun.  Didn't take long at all.  Then painted the main blue-grey color which was so much easier as it just went right over the primer.  Began painting the doors with the darker grey, but only got a little more than halfway done.  Will get back to that later.

Both Riley and Julia joined in to paint.  They were more excited to stand on the fence and talk with the new neighbors' kids who are much younger and that was just fine.

Looking forward to adding some cute signs, plants and wreaths!  So fun!!


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