Lucy and Ethel exchange propane tanks

My mom and I have often referred to ourselves as "Lucy and Ethel" as our excursions often result in silly situations.

Today we went to Home Depot to get paint for the playhouse in the backyard.  Jeremy asked if we could fill the empty propane tanks.  Figured it couldn't be that hard so we took them with us.  Upon getting them onto this long cart and walking them into the store, a worker told us to take them outside (guess you can't have propane inside... didn't think about it before doing it).  He said he'd be with us in a bit.  We saw a machine where you could exchange your tanks, but it kept saying something about being prepaid.  My mom stayed outside while I went in to pay for the tanks.  So far we were doing pretty good.

After paying, I came outside and put our code into the machine.  The machine practically yelled at us as it gave directions.  Have never heard one SO loud!  There were three pictures demonstrating that you take out a tank and put your empty one into the cage.  I thought it was showing that if you put your empty tank into one side of the cage, a full tank would be available on the other side to take out. I proceeded to push the empty tank into the cage thinking it would open up the cage.  Obviously that didn't work.

My mom and I then went to a few cages and tried to open them to no avail.  We really are smart people.  It just made no sense at all.  After trying a few times, we pressed the help button.  At this point we were laughing because we knew we were doing something wrong and yet we had no idea what we were doing.  The worker came over and helped us.  It turned out one of the cages had opened on its own after the code was put in.  We were supposed to trade them out and shut the door.  Then another cage would open and we could do the same thing.  However, one of the cages was empty with no tank so the worker helped us find a full tank.  We told him that if he wanted a good laugh, he could check out the surveillance video as we had no idea what we were doing.  He smiled.  And likely went back to watch ;)


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