Less Facebook, More Family

One of my goals this year has been to get off Facebook.  I've had this goal before, but haven't really been motivated to do anything about it.  I mindlessly go on and just scroll.  Looking for what?  Not sure.  It's fun to see what others are doing or thinking.  It can also cause me to compare my life to others lives and feel as though it must be so much better to be them.  Though I know this isn't always the case.  Just feels that way.

It has been so freeing to be off of it.  Mind you, the app is still on my phone.  I moved it to the last screen instead of the front screen.  I still check it but for very very short periods of time and only one time per day.  Typically less than five minutes or shorter.  I have posted two times this year.  Normally I post every day.  Why?  Not sure about that either.  Just seems like something you do.

Instead the girls and I have come home and played board games.  Particularly the game Sorry as it's Julia's favorite.  Or Barbies.  I've been much more present and with them.  It's helped clear my mind, enjoy where I am presently and to truly engage with reality.  This has been a great thing.  Only hoping I can continue to do this.  Much better balance of reality vs. online.


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