We are now a soccer family

Well, I had said that when we moved and started at GSES we would keep the girls out of activities and make it an easier year so they could adjust.  I was just kidding apparently.

Both girls are thriving at their new school and making new friends.  It turns out that soccer is a huge deal and with the Town North YMCA adjacent to the school, it's also affordable and easy to get to games.  The girls were both invited by friends to join teams and with both of them interested in trying a new sport, we've chosen to let them try their hand (or feet) at sports this year.

Julia will be on team "Sparkle."  Purple is the main color.  Can not wait to see her in ponytails and cute bows with her soccer uniform.  It's the little things.  If she kicks the ball, great!  If she picks dandelions the whole game, that's fine too.  I'm excited that she'll have a group of girls to encourage her and learn team work.  What an incredible way for her to learn how to work with others and get up when she falls down.

Riley has several friends on the team and has never played before.  I think Riley will also benefit from working in a team.  In gymnastics it was a different kind of team work.  This will be an incredible way for her to learn that you can stand up for yourself and use people around you to help.  You don't have to do everything on your own or do it perfectly.

GSES also has a program after school called Encore.  Riley will be a member of the Art Club on Mondays and Julia will take gymnastics classes on Mondays as well.  Riley has chosen to also be in the 3rd and 4th grade choir.

I'm so very proud of our girls and so thankful for our school.  What a complete blessing to have such a great community to be a part of in so many different ways.


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