Right Place at the Right Time

Yesterday was an insane morning.  Started off normally.  At around 6:20am, I took Val out.  I was in the laundry room about to take him into the backyard, but had a very quick thought that I should take him for a short walk as he hadn't been out much.  Put him on the leash, got the doggie bag and headed out.  We made it to the other side of our driveway where he likes to go on the big pole.

As he went, I turned to look around and watched as a truck slammed into a small car.  It was quite surreal.  The truck driver was speeding like crazy down the road and the impact was awful.  The smoke and sound was something that stuck with me the rest of the day.  Parts of the car covered all six lanes of Royal and chunks of it were everywhere.  I had my cell phone on me so I immediately called 911.  I went fast toward the corner and as I did, I rolled my left ankle badly and stumbled.  I prayed over my foot quickly before the dispatcher answered.  It was a very very quick prayer and it hurt so badly.

I watched as the truck driver backed up and sped off.  Unbelievable.  I explained what I could and was sad I couldn't see the license plate of the truck as it was so dark out.  I could tell the driver of the small car was still awake as she was trying to get her car out of the wrong side of the street.  She was blocking two lanes of traffic and facing the wrong way.  Her headlights were gone but her brake lights still worked.  Her tires were completely sideways and she was dragging metal across the street as the car moved.  However oncoming cars couldn't see her well because her car was so dark.  They kept honking at her and veering around her.  It was awful to watch.  However it didn't look like an accident because there was only one vehicle in the road and not two.

When I saw the traffic was clear for a bit, I ran across the road to the median and told her "Ma'am, I've called 911 and help is on the way."  Her face was covered in blood and her dress was covered in blood.  Her airbag had not deployed and she completely out of it and in shock.  She told me not to call 911.  I'm not sure why, but all I can think is that she was in shock.  I ran back across the intersection to the corner because I knew as traffic came it was possible that a car could hit her again and I would be hit if I stayed there.

I still had the dog with me on the leash and I was just trying to hurry with the pain shooting all over my foot.  I went inside and told Jeremy we needed a towel for her face.  We then heard the sirens and knew they were almost there.

I saw a clearing and went to tell the ambulance people quickly that her face was bloody and she was alert.  I asked if they needed anything more and he said no so I left.  I watched as two men held her up as she stumbled with blood coming out her face to the ambulance.  It was awful.

My ankle has bruises on the top and left side, but is nothing compared to what this lady went through yesterday.  I truly feel God healed it from being worse as I could feel a pop and yet all that's there is bruising.

God truly had me there to help this woman yesterday.  This road is usually covered in cars or at least several cars who would have seen this and yet there wasn't one car around that observed the accident.  The truck driver had time to back up and leave before any other cars came across what had happened.  From the time I called 911 to the time the ambulance and fire trucks showed up, it was merely minutes.  Yet so much happened.  She was able to get help as fast as was possible and for that I'm thankful.  I truly truly know that God had me take the dog for a walk instead of to the backyard so that I could help her.  It's a blessing to be in the right place at the right time.  Still praying for this woman.


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